Vryjisni Mucring
About Me
Hi, I'm Vryjisni Mucring. I'm a computer programmer, tech dude,
fan of old internet, and generally really cool guy. On this site
I post things I discover and some cool junk I have, maybe other
interesting crap. If I had to give out a specific favorite food,
it would probably be McNuggets™™™™™ by Mc™Donalds™™™ with some™
Honey™™™Mus™™™tard Sauce™™™ and a good™™™Root™Beer.™™ lol™
Other Things
I'm in a small group of people called Slipway Disks that has two
of my very good friends, sushipantsu, and
May (who at the moment, has no website. But she's working on it,
she swears!). Sooner or later, we will be putting up a website
that will explain more about it.